v2.2.36 Re-Balance Bug Fixes Patch Notes

Feb 19, 2020 @ 6:18pm


  • Fixed Deflect (optimizations from the previous patch had broken Deflect online against most spells)
  • Sync late game join bonuses with all newly joining players (fixed bug that caused scores / draft order to be out of sync)


  • Shrank kill feed and made it more see-through

v2.2.35 BIG RE-BALANCE Patch Notes

Feb 10, 2020 @ 9:20pm


  • Double points for late joins
  • Kill feed to show who killed who and how during a match
  • Added scrolling to wardrobe system
  • XP is now displayed by level in player card on main menu
  • Added 4 new combos to the practice range tips
    • Supercharge
    • Supercharge+
    • Death Charge
    • Death Taxi


  • Wormhole now holds and refreshes its projectile before teleporting it (spark actually teleports now)
  • Puck now only applies knockback and damage if being knocked toward you (fixes Tow Vine backfire on puck)
  • Fixed rare bug where there would be more kills than wizards in team Sports
  • Bullrush no longer prevents first instance of knockback after the rush is over (for about 2 seconds)
  • Wizards will no longer clip through Earth Tomb!!
  • Recasting Chameleon no longer causes Fireball to go on a 10 second cooldown


  • Increased range of Spark slightly
  • North Pull tweaks
    • Increased damage
    • Decreased cast time of second dash
    • Added client-side prediction to dash
  • Lightning Bug tweaks
    • Increased explosion damage 50%
    • Fixed bug with pull damaging teammates
    • Increased pull range by 10%
  • Discharge tweaks
    • Reduced duration to 4s
    • Increased cast time from 0.25s to 0.5s and cooldown from 20s to 22s
    • Changed discharge return damage to be actual projectiles with jetstream speed
  • Capacitor tweaks
    • Increased damage 25%
  • Chain Lightning tweaks
    • Decreased bounce range by 20%
    • Decreased damage over time by 50%
    • Increased impact damage slightly by 20%
    • Reduced max duration from 6s to 5s
    • Made bounces only target objects they can hit
  • Buff Tonic DoT, HoT, and AOE
    • Healing over time increased 50%
    • Damage over time increased 33%
    • Increased AoE 20%
  • Lowered cooldown of CyClone from 15 to 10 seconds
  • Frog of Life changed healing to only be 50% for enemies
  • Electric is no longer in every game
  • Bubble Breaker
    • Reduced max heal by 20%
    • Made bubble ending more elegant
  • Vacuum updates
    • Added vacuum sound for the duration
    • Now has a unique looking projectile
    • Pull no longer occasionally tips things sideways
  • Relapse now has a more obvious particle effect
  • Vanguard updates
    • Energy wave now travels through obstacles like Tsunami
    • Energy wave can now be affected by Deflect, Pillar of Fire, Vacuum, and Vanguard
  • Tsunami now does 10 impact damage instead of 15, but now also does 5 damage per second during contact
  • Boomerang and Pet Rock now have a buffer for on-hit so the interactions (with vacuum) happen predictably
  • Removed death beacons from coffin
  • Removed windwalls on Coffin for 3-team games
  • Readjusted height of lava collider / stages for Tower and Ruins so the damaging regions are more consistent
  • Water Cannon updates
    • Added raycast check for walls
    • No longer able to spin the cannon after cast, but can apply curve it to turn the wizard a set amount during the cast
    • Added more particles
  • Petrify now delays (finishing) casting a spell until petrification is complete
  • Slightly nerfed vacuum + pet rock or boomerang
  • Moved movement spell velocities to their own vectors (this means knockback during the listed movement spells will no longer be completely overridden)
    • Sustain (override this new vector while in the branches)
    • Somer Assault
    • Flame Leap
    • Bull Rush
    • North Pull
    • Chain Lightning
    • Suspend (will no longer absorb Somer Assault and Flame Leap casts)
  • Overhauled wizard movement network syncing to be much smoother (should see a lot less jitter in the movement and knockback prediction of enemy wizards online now)


  • Updated overlap spheres to only check for unit, projectile, and not ground layers
  • Added a range check to the shark, so it just swims straight once it's far enough away from the stage